JANUARY 29, 2017
10 am till
5 pm

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Gold BallroomBallroom 
Enter on West 33rd. St.
401 Seventh Avenue
​New York, NY 10001
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Our line up for January 29 in NYC...

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"It’s a New Year for a New You!"

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11AM - 12:30PM  Mas Sajady
"Can This Man Empower You to Change Your Life?"

12:30  Rebecca Suzanne Scott
“Havening Techniques: A Better Life

Through Neuroscience”

1:15  Dana Canneto of Body Divinity
"Your Sacred Body -- the Gateway to Truth"

2:00  Sonja Grace
"Spirit Traveler, Unlocking Ancient Mysteries
and Secrets of Eight of the World’s Great Historic Sites"

2:45  Vanessa Francis
"World Change - A Spiritual Perspective" 

3:30   Science of Spirituality -- Andrew Vidich, PhD
"Meditation: The Path to Radical Happiness"

4:15  Nomi Bachar
"Master the Optimal You!"

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10:15 Bhavna
"Purple Light Protection & Golden Light Grid"
followed by meditation

11:00  Lynn Rene MacDonald
"People and Pets: Understanding and Knowing
These Amazing Love Relationships"

11:45  Dr. Eric Kaplan
"Breaking Research: How To Prevent
Alzheimer's Disease"

12:30  Unity Minister Debra Soul
"Healing & Heartlinking with The Angelic Realm --

Come Feel The Heal"

1:15  Julia Rose Portela
"Transform Your Life and
Manifest Your Dreams in 2017!"

2:00  Ben Johnson
"Natural Household Cleaning with Essential Oils"
2:45  Dianne Bischoff James
“Life Reboot: Love Your Life, Live Your Dreams”

3:30 Robert Jokel
"Immune to Cancer:  Bring the Full Strength
of Your Immune System to the Aid of
Your Medical Program"

4:15  Caitlin Mesiano
"I Wish You Wellness: A 101 Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils and Their Health Benefits"

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Bhavna's Wellness Group -- one stop shop for all your holistic healing, shopping and spiritual growth

Bodhi Tree Crystals

Shaping Your Health with Asha Mattai

Match My Spirit

Dorothy Adams

Sonja Grace -- Author of "Spirit Traveler"

Lauren's Jewelry -- Each Piece Lovingly Designed & Made By Hand

Irina Kratzov -- Tell by Hand, Your Fingerprints are the Blueprint of Your Soul

My Skin Harmony -- All Natural Skin Care Products

The Enchanted Heart & Bazaar Star Beadery -- JoleneStar, Color and Sound Vibrational Therapy, Crystals & Beads

Natural Awakenings Magazines -- Free, Monthly Magazine Focused on Healthy Living

Nutrition Master Foods /Teddy's Tubes - Meal Tubes, Food Shots, Food Shakers, Snack Tubes, Grainy Gourmet Oils

Dr. Penni Waldman -- Health, Detoxification and Weight Loss Programs

Tea of Life Inc. -- Open the Door to Your Health and Well Being

Enagic Global --  Realizing True Health: Change your Water, Change Your Life

Demure Lyfe -- Vendor

Science of Spirituality --  A Multi-Faith International Organization

Purium -- Making Healthy Cool - Have more ENERGY!

David Parker -- Author of "The More You Do The Better You Feel" about Overcoming Procrastination

Green Mountain Energy -- Change the Way Power is Made

Mas Sajady -- Frequency Scans: Remove Blocks & Activate Abundance

Share International USA -- Introducing Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His Message of Hope for the Future

Saratoga Ocean & Telstar Events -- A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael

Muriel Stockdale -- Author of "Gabriel Born"

Modern Sage -- Discover. Awaken. Transform

Live Vessel - Tourmaline Infused Travel Tumblers that Change Tap Water to Alkaline Water

NY Acupuncture & Chiropractics -- Create a Happy and Pain-Free Life